Logic Boxes Introduces Domain Registrar Consultancy Services

March 8, 2005
March 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - LogicBoxes, a software and consultancy company specialising in solutions for ICANN accredited registrars and web hosting companies, today announced that it has introduced software and consultancy services for .IN domain accredited registrars. LogicBoxes provides registrar solutions for a growing list of gTLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME that will now include the .IN ccTLD.

"The addition of .IN domain name comes as another first from LogicBoxes towards providing end to end consultancy services encapsulating maximum support to our clients. Having successfully consulted 30 registrars in attaining ICANN accreditation, we are now branching out further and empowering prospective / existing registrars to cash in on the popularity of ccTLDs", said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, LogicBoxes.

LogicBoxes has already assisted over 50% of the currently live .IN registrars in obtaining their .IN accreditation. The consultancy services include conducting a feasibility study, explaining various legal, financial and business aspects, preparing the application, providing the technology infrastructure required by the registry, assisting in collating all the necessary documents, constantly liasioning with the registry and completing the OT&E tests on the prospective registrar's behalf.

Along with accreditation consultancy, LogicBoxes also provides mammoth software support in the form of its flagship product- The OrderBox. The Orderbox is the only Registrar Automation Suite of its kind and currently facilitates the domain registration business of over 20 ICANN accredited registrars worldwide. The software comes packed with features like brandable storefront, infinite multilevel reseller chain, API kit, multilingual control panels, complete billing management and many more. The Orderbox is a completely brandable product allowing .IN registrars to go LIVE in a couple of hours after obtaining accreditation.

"The breakthrough features of the Orderbox make it a truly global product with a strong focus on branding and complete business process automation. The wide application and successful application of the software can be backed by strong numbers as Orderbox is currently powering over 17,000 .IN domain names in less than a month since the Landrush on 16th February 05. After powering more than half of the .IN accredited registrars, Orderbox is definitely posed to be the ultimate solution for budding registrars in the .IN domain name space", said Bhavin.

As a part of the introductory promotion, LogicBoxes will charge .IN registrars only 20 cents per domain for yearly domain registrations using Orderbox. Some of the .IN accredited registrars powered by LogicBoxes are: INDIALINKS, SAPCE2LET, BOOKANDHOST and WORLDINDIA amongst others.

"The decision to go through LogicBoxes while acquiring accreditation was a strategic one for Space2Let. The technical and business support that we received has benefited us on two fronts. Firstly, the application procedure proved to be tremendously time and cost effective and secondly, it gave us access to a ready software platform that helped us go LIVE almost immediately", said Padmasree Harish, CEO and Head, Customer Support, Space2Let.

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