Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions Provider Evans Distribution Systems Selects Otava for Fully Managed Secure Cloud Hosting Solution

February 3, 2021
Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions Provider Evans Distribution Systems Selects Otava for Fully Managed Secure Cloud Hosting Solution
Logistics and supply chain solutions provider Evans Distribution Systems has selected secure, compliant hybrid cloud and IT solutions provider Otava to provide a fully managed secure cloud hosting solution. Established in 1994, Otava has headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. The company asks its clients to 'expect exceptional’ and specializes in a broad range of cloud, disaster recovery, compliance, backup, and data protection services. It has a network of 12 data centers that are HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, and ISO 2700 compliant. The services it provides Evans Distribution Systems include a virtual private cloud hosting platform that will protect its data and “keep its systems running without disruption through its busiest shipping season and year-round.”

Based in Melvindale, Michigan, United States, Evans Distribution Systems has been in operation since 1929. The third-party logistics company provides “complete supply chain solutions” which extend to “transportation, warehousing, distribution, staffing, value-added packaging, quality inspection” and other services. Otava's managed cloud services “ensure optimal uptime” and include cloud backup and an Otava-managed Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) that will safeguard 20 servers “running shipping production, billing operations, and other critical internal systems”. The company chose Otava’s services as they offered a hands-on consultative approach and a “documented, tested and proven disaster recovery service” and could provide rapid recovery during its busiest distribution months.

"Otava's hybrid cloud solutions are fully managed by their team of experts, which gives us the confidence that we will avoid any potential costly disruption to our business and frees us up to focus on delivering excellent service to our customers," explained Evans Distribution Systems’ Director of IT, Michael Franklin, Ph.D. "For businesses like ours that operate around the clock and in multiple time zones, having Otava on board as an extension of our IT team is essential. With the migration complete, we look forward to gaining valuable efficiency, productivity and reliability with Otava's cloud." The company’s CEO Brad Cheedle added "Evans is an established and well-respected logistics provider that is admired for its innovation. They recognized that migrating to a new cloud-based IT platform would ensure their critical workloads would be highly available and recoverable, even in the event of a disaster, ahead of their busiest shipping season."

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