MachSol Inc. Announces New Release of MachPanel v.4

October 8, 2009
October 8, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – MachSol Inc., a developer of MachPanel, yesterday announced that new release of "MachPanel v.4" is now available for download on its website. The company states that considering user satisfaction and needs, rigorous regression and functional testing with fixed bugs and enhancements like outlook auto profiler, separate languages and locale, miscellaneous product support, bulk mailbox creation and notification system facility are few significant highlights of the new release.

It explains that MachPanel v.4, uncovers manifold characteristic encompassing a stable, secure, reliable, robust and performance efficient modern platform for latest Windows Server 2008 with legacy support for Windows Server 2003 as well. The company adds that newly released offering unleashes the Classic hosting provision for IIS 6/7 alongside extending unlimited options for SaaS offerings comprising Exchange 2007, SharePoint, CRM 4.0 and providing mobile exchange automation to its value added clients.

"It took us seven years of shear hard work and competence to attain this credibility level for MachPanel v.4, a solution that is meant for all enterprise levels catering small, medium sized and large entities. MachPanel v.4 provides a complete solution with integrated billing, help desk system and full support for Traditional as well as Enterprise SaaS hosting with comprehensive management and monitoring operations, all controlled through a Single Centralized Server. With high availability scenario, clustering support and complete backing for multiple servers (mail server, database server, FTP server, web server, web stat server etc.) allowing array of services, provides resilience and vast scalability options controlled through a unified Control Panel." says Max Roosenbrand, CEO and Chairman of MachSol Inc.

"Together with several other miscellaneous improvements and features, now, you can make the most of your business by utilizing sound platform of MachPanel's v.4, A Complete Windows Control Panel for your hosting business needs."

About MachSol, Inc.

MachSol, Inc., established in 2001 is a debt-free IT services company with office in North America, Europe and Asia. MachSol is IT services company providing a broad range of consulting and development services.

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