Macquarie Hosting Partners with ReachLocal Australia

January 8, 2008
January 8, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Macquarie Hosting (http;// has partnered with ReachLocal Australia, a search engine advertising service provider for local businesses in Australia. Financial terms were not disclosed. The company was chosen because of its experience with web-facing companies.

The partnership means that Macquarie will host ReachLocal’s Australian website alongside a range of small business proxy sites and a number of “mission critical applications”. Macquarie Hosting will utilize its data centre in Sydney, called the Intellicentre, to facilitate ReachLocal’s requirements.

ReachLocal caters to small businesses by providing their details to an Australian audience looking for products and services. ReachLocal copies its customers’ sites and hosts them as proxy sites that provide a gateway to the customers’ actual sites. ReachLocal tracks communications that are received from customers’ online advertising campaigns.

“As an emerging company in the booming online advertising market, entering into a managed hosting relationship with an organization that understood the nature of our business and the demands of our customers was crucial for us,’’ explained CEO of ReachLocal, Mr. Steve Power.

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