Macquarie Hosting Secures Leading Australian Payment Gateway Provider eWAY

April 21, 2009
April 21, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Macquarie Hosting, a division of Macquarie Telecom, today announced it has signed a three year, half million dollar deal with one of Australia’s leading electronic payment gateway providers eWAY.

Under the deal, Macquarie Hosting will host eWAY’s online payment system, mission critical transaction applications and encrypted customer data. All will be hosted on a mix of dedicated Sun Microsystems and HP servers with high-availability firewalls, dual-redundant server load balancing and secure, high-throughput Internet connectivity.

eWAY partners with Australia’s major banks including the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), Westpac, National Australia Bank (NAB) and St George. eWAY also has connections to Barclays in the United Kingdom and ANZ in New Zealand, highlighting the growth in international business for eWAY.

The company has won more than five awards in the past 18 months including the ACT Business of the Year Award, the MYOB Small Business of the Year Award and the CeBIT Platinum Award for Export Excellence and Excellence in Technology Services.

The Macquarie Hosting solution will support expansion of the eWAY business both locally and globally as it capitalises on increased consumer confidence in e-commerce transactions and online spending.

eWAY’s customer base has grown significantly in the past ten years, with customer growth of more than 65 per cent in the last year alone. eWAY is the only payment gateway provider in Australia with direct wholesale agreements with American Express and CBA. These agreements recognise eWAY’s adherence to the highest levels of data capture and security standards.

eWAY offers a range of methods to link merchant sites to the payment gateway, including integration with more than 100 shopping carts and billing systems, making scalability paramount to enable simple, high speed integration with the customer’s online business possible.

The high-availability, fully managed dedicated hosting solution from Macquarie Hosting will enable eWAY to confidently meet the security standards required of it and manage peaks in traffic to the site as demand for its services grows, both domestically and internationally.

“Merchants and consumers quite rightly demand that an online payment system be hosted in the most secure environment and keep pace with the latest trends in payment preferences and e-commerce transactions,” said Matt Bullock, CEO and founder of eWAY.

“Customer expectations around ease of use, guaranteed security and one hundred per cent availability of applications continue to rise, increasing pressure on the providers of online payment services. In turn we are looking to partner with professionals like Macquarie Hosting to meet these standards and expectations without being distracted from our primary focus – growing the business,” Bullock said.

Following a comprehensive assessment of hosting providers, eWAY selected Macquarie Hosting for its proven experience with transactional web-facing companies and its ability to provide 24/7, secure availability of mission critical applications.

The eWAY payment gateway will be hosted in Macquarie Hosting’s ISO and DSD Gateway certified data centre, the Intellicentre, and while eWAY’s payment gateway does not require a DSD-certified solution, it will be hosted within the same facility as sites for Federal and State government, national security agencies and major blue-chip businesses.

Macquarie Hosting is the first telecommunications carrier and hosting provider to be certified to International Security Management Standard, ISO 27001 which provides a level of assurance that hosted databases, networks and operating systems meet global best-practice standards for risk assessment, policy, training, audits, controls, information and communication.

Macquarie Hosting also recently received the highest accreditation from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council (PCI DSSC) for its Intellicentre. The accreditation is recognition that the data centre meets the required security standards to accept process and store credit card information for Visa, Mastercard and other credit providers.

“Macquarie is now a key business partner for eWAY” Matt Bullock says. “eWAY and Macquarie Hosting have a natural synergy as we both support critical online transactional businesses, so the Macquarie Hosting focus on this market segment is a real asset for us as we grow our business”.

Aidan Tudehope, Managing Director, Hosting for Macquarie Telecom said: “For high-transaction websites such as eWAY that deal with confidential customer information and tens of thousands of requests daily, security and uptime is critical.”

“By hosting with a local provider such as Macquarie Hosting, eWAY can be confident that all our solutions – from security through to network access – meet best-practice requirements for both local and international organisations.”

Macquarie Hosting is the Australian leader in providing mission critical application hosting for business. It is responsible for managing and delivering the guaranteed service levels, scalable, ‘always-on’ and secure solutions that online, digital media and high-availability transaction-based companies need to meet demand for their services.

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