Managed Cloud Company Rackspace Announces Next Version of OnMetal Cloud Servers

March 11, 2016
Managed Cloud Company Rackspace Announces Next Version of OnMetal Cloud Servers
Managed cloud company Rackspace has announced the latest version of its OnMetal Cloud Servers solution. Rackspace, which has headquarters in Windcrest, Texas, United States, bills itself as “the #1 managed cloud company”. The company offers a range of products and services designed to enable businesses to benefit from the cloud while avoiding the challenge and expense inherent in establishing a cloud infrastructure.

Rackspace leverages solutions from a range of providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, OpenStack, and VMware. It caters to a global customer base of around 300,000 companies including Fortune 100 companies. The latest OnMetal iteration provides “bare metal, single-tenant servers” that are underpinned by OpenStack and can be “API-provisioned in two minutes”.

OnMetal Cloud Servers connects public clouds and dedicated hardware to facilitate asCassandra, Docker, Spark, Windows and Linux workloads. With “near-instant” scalability, the solution offers a very high standard of hybrid cloud performance which combines the flexibility of public clouds with the security and performance offered by bare metal servers.

The latest version of OnMetal Cloud Servers includes significant hardware and software upgrades and is ideal for users who need highly scalable computing power and data processing. The latest version of the solution offers enhanced RAID 1 mirrored storage capabilities (with improvements of 250% on write performance and 40% percent on read performance) and provides up to 800 GB of local boot drive storage.

“Rackspace is leading the OpenStack market with unparalleled technical innovation and operational expertise. With the fastest deployment times in the industry and unmatched performance, OnMetal is the leading bare metal offering and the largest public deployment of OpenStack Ironic in the world,” said Paul Voccio, vice president, software development, at Rackspace. “With the combination of new features and performance capabilities in the next generation of OnMetal, it can be a solution for many customers seeking OpenStack as the platform to run their most demanding workloads.”

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