Managed Cloud Hosting Company ServInt Updates PaaS Cloud Solution

March 8, 2013
Managed Cloud Hosting Company ServInt Updates PaaS Cloud Solution
Managed cloud hosting company ServInt has updated its Jelastic PaaS cloud solution. The Reston, Virginia-based company has released a number of solution enhancements and additions including a Jelastic-powered Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) platform that adds auto-scaling IaaS capabilities to the company's product capabilities.

Jelastic avoids forcing developers to adapt applications to the constraints of specific APIs. A standards-based platform, it runs almost all Java and PHP applications without developers having to adapt code. The solution also offers one-click key development platform and application installation and automatically scales applications by making additional resources available when required and reducing resources when load lessens.

Alongside its new VDS platform, ServInt has also released Reserved Cloudlets that enable users to commit to resources on a monthly basis and reduce their cloud hosting costs. The company is also offering a new pricing structure with volume cloud resource discounts of up to 75%. The updated Jelastic solution now also offers FTP support with NGINX caching and the latest versions of software such as TomEE and MariaDB 10.0.

“As excited as we are about the pricing enhancements to Jelastic, we are just as enthusiastic about the introduction of the VDS IaaS functionality to our product portfolio,” explained Matt Loschert, CTO at ServInt. “With the new Jelastic VDS, users can essentially spin up a fully auto-scaling server environment, completely independent of any Java or PHP PaaS cloud they may be running. This enables users to run any non-Java/PHP components their apps may need, including mail servers, console apps, cron job schedulers, and more. Plus, with a Jelastic VDS, users get true root access to their hosting environment, giving them as much control as they need over their online business.”

Jelastic is making significant headway in the cloud solution arena. Do you have direct experience of the solution? Leave your comments below.

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