Managed Cloud Services Provider Datapipe Announces Trebuchet Beta

December 1, 2016
Managed Cloud Services Provider Datapipe Announces Trebuchet Beta
Managed cloud services provider Datapipe has announced the launch of a ‘Beta’ program for ‘Trebuchet’ - the company’s new platform that accelerates cloud enterprise application deployment. With headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, Datapipe was established in 1998. The company offers a wide range of services that are designed to deliver “choice, control and confidence in architecting, deploying, and managing multi-platform hybrid IT solutions”. The company’s latest beta program was announced at AWS re:Invent, an annual event for the cloud community.

The Trebuchet platform will offer a single dashboard that provides developers the tools they need to “easily and continuously deploy, monitor, and secure applications”. It is designed to improve customer satisfaction by facilitating faster application response times. Trebuchet simplifies how organizations “architect, design, build, test, and deploy software rapidly” to be secure and meet industry standards and requirements. It also leverages Datapipe’s best practices to emphasize automation, rapid deployment, system visibility, and security.

“Microservices are becoming a go-to solution for our clients looking for rapid deployment, but this adds complexity to their infrastructure,” explained Datapipe’s CEO Robb Allen. “While we will continue to offer a consultative approach to develop client-specific solutions, we are building Trebuchet to be a customizable plug-and-play application platform. This platform will give IT managers and developers a foundation to better control technical environments and improve flexibility, scalability, and speed of deployment.”

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