Managed DDoS Protection Provider F5 Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange

May 29, 2016
Managed DDoS Protection Provider F5 Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange
Managed DDoS protection provider F5 Networks (F5) has joined the Equinix Cloud Exchange. F5, which has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, specializes in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) and products that “strengthen the security, performance, and availability of applications, servers, and data centers”. F5’s solutions can be used in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid cloud and 48 companies in the Fortune 50 utilize its services. The company has joined the Equinix Cloud Exchange to provide access to its F5 Silverline cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection solution.

F5 Silverline is a managed service offered through the Silverline cloud-based platform. The service uses “industry-leading attack mitigation methods and bandwidth” and “detects and mitigates” DDoS attacks. The Equinix International Business Exchange has data centers “across the Americas, Europe and Asia” and its customers can now subscribe to the F5 DDoS mitigation service.

"We are thrilled to be working with Equinix to help safeguard enterprises against the rising tide of DDoS attacks,” explained F5’s Senior Vice President of Silverline Cloud Services, Ian Jones. “To best protect enterprise applications and data, today's CISOs need both an on-premises solution that satisfies the network operations team, while also incorporating a cloud-based component to defend against massive DDoS incidents. A hybrid solution, with Equinix Cloud Exchange at the access point and F5 Silverline DDoS Protection, is the ideal solution."

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