Managed Hosting and Cloud Services Provider Cogeco Peer 1 Rebrands as Aptum Technologies

August 22, 2019
Managed Hosting and Cloud Services Provider Cogeco Peer 1 Rebrands as Aptum Technologies
Managed hosting and cloud services provider Cogeco Peer 1 has rebranded and is now known as ‘Aptum Technologies’ (Aptum). Aptum has a global presence including offices and facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Colombia, and Germany. The company enables its customers to “unlock the potential of their data infrastructure to drive tangible business outcomes and maximize the value of their technology investments.''

Aptum offers a range of data center, cloud, hosting and connectivity solutions. In Canada its fiber network allows Aptum to be the “first neutral host provider of turnkey small cell connectivity”. The new company will be under the leadership of the same team that made Cogeco Peer 1 a leader in the managed hosting and cloud services arenas, and each of its services will continue to receive the support of the company's expert staff.

Cogeco Peer 1’s rebranding is a result of the company’s acquisition by Boca Raton, Florida-based global strategic investment company ‘Digital Colony’. Established in 2018, Digital Colony invests in next-generation digital infrastructure, with particular focus on the mobile and the global Internet infrastructure arenas. This includes data centers and fiber networks.

Aptum will maintain two distinct business units - a data center business and a fiber business. Its data center activity will focus on multi-cloud services for enterprises while its fiber business will be “Canada’s first independent, neutral-host provider of small cell and 5G infrastructure, and enterprise and wholesale fiber connectivity”.

In parallel with the rebranding, Aptum has launched new hybrid cloud options. These are a managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) service and new Cloud Connect availability service. The company’s new AWS service will sit alongside its managed Azure and managed private cloud services and is available in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The expansion of its Cloud Connect service is available in all regions and offers a “direct, dedicated and secure connection to cloud services”.

“Aptum means ‘adaptability’ and reflects our heritage and vision for the future,” explained Aptum’s Chief Executive Officer, Susan Bowen. “As businesses face exponentially increasing volumes of information, and data becomes an integral part of their infrastructure, technology platforms must adapt and harness the power of data to enable better decision making, risk evaluation and customer engagement. We help organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a robust infrastructure that enables customers to solve complex challenges and maximize the potential of their businesses.”

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