Managed Hosting Provider Future Hosting Offers ‘Critical Vulnerability’ Warning

July 8, 2017
Managed Hosting Provider Future Hosting Offers ‘Critical Vulnerability’ Warning
Managed hosting provider Future Hosting has offered a ‘critical vulnerability’ warning to users of the OpenVPN Virtual Private Network application. Future Hosting has headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, United States. Established in 2001, the company offers web hosting services including dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) options. It has urged to OpenVPN users to “update immediately”.

An Open Source solution, OpenVPN facilitates secure connections (‘point-to-point’ or ‘site-to-site’) in routed configurations. It is generally used to establish anonymous and private access to the Internet and often used by businesses to protect their internet communications. Alongside a number of minor vulnerabilities, OpenVPN has a “critical remote code execution vulnerability” that could enable a hacker to invade a user’s privacy and corrupt server memory. A patch has been created to address the vulnerabilities and Future Hosting is urging users to install this patch.

“OpenVPN is a critical part of the security apparatus of many companies. Users of OpenVPN expect their VPN nodes to be secure — that’s why they use OpenVPN in the first place,” explained Future Hosting’s Vice President of Operations, Maulesh Patel. “We’re publicizing this set of vulnerabilities because we want to make sure the largest number of OpenVPN users are protected as quickly as possible.”

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