Managed Hosting Services Provider WiredTree Celebrates 10 Years of Business

June 30, 2016
Managed Hosting Services Provider WiredTree Celebrates 10 Years of Business
Managed hosting services provider WiredTree is celebrating its tenth year in business. WiredTree, which has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, United States, was established in June 2006. The company caters to around 5,000 companies of a range of sizes, offering products and services that extend to cloud services, VPS, dedicated servers, Hybrid servers, and load balanced clusters. WiredTree prides itself on developing a company that customers want to build “long-term relationships” with.

Over its ten years in business web hosting has seen significant changes and WiredTree has adapted to meet these changes. The company’ offers innovations alongside regular “Level-ups” that “increase server resources for hosting accounts without increasing the cost”. It also prides itself on maintaining its corporate values in an era of rapid change and offering a high standard of customer service.

Each of WiredTree’s server hosting plans (including virtual private servers, hybrid servers, and dedicated servers) are available with “comprehensive management services at no extra cost”. The plans also benefit from server optimization and ServerShield - WiredTree’s proprietary “server hardening process” which enhances firewall capability and provides protection from ‘brute force’ access. WiredTree’s options also offer on-demand malware scanning.

“Ten years ago, I was sure the hosting industry needed something new. Not necessarily new technology, but a new approach to management and support services — an approach that puts clients’ interests first,” explained WiredTree’s President Zac Cogswell in a press release. “After a decade in business, we’ve refined that approach, but the services we offer are informed by the same values. We take care of managing and securing servers so our clients can focus on building their websites, apps, and businesses,” he added.

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