Managed Hosting Solutions Specialist ServInt Announces New Packages

March 20, 2016
Managed Hosting Solutions Specialist ServInt Announces New Packages
Managed hosting solutions specialist ServInt has announced the launch of two new packages. ServInt, which has headquarters in Reston, Virginia, United States, has been in operation for around two decades. The company caters to businesses of a variety of sizes offering a range of products and services including cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting options. The two new managed services provide “turn-key support solutions”.

ServInt’s managed services are ideal for customers that wish to maintain full control of their servers by need a high level of technical assistance. ServInt’s support extends to migrating websites to servers and ongoing “chat, online, and phone support”. It also includes monitoring server performance alongside alerts that indicate when issues occur.

ServInt’s new packages start at only $100 per month and offer “proactive and comprehensive server support” that allows ServInt’s customers to focus more on their core competencies. This includes a dedicated support team that is responsible for optimizing a customer’s server so that it reaches peak performance.

“As we began developing our new managed services we wanted to enhance our current infrastructure products with services that are value-adds for the customer, like a dedicated account team, system audits and reviews, and architecture consultations,” explained the COO of ServInt, William Goss. “And this is just the first step for us. Throughout 2016, ServInt will continue to introduce new managed and professional services to expand our product offering and capabilities.”

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