Managed IT Provider Apps IT Support Announces Launch of New Web Hosting Options

Managed IT Provider Apps IT Support Announces Launch of New Web Hosting Options
Managed IT provider Apps IT Support has announced the launch of new web hosting options. Apps IT Support, which has headquarters in Toronto, Canada, provides cloud, hardware, and software solutions to companies of a range of sizes in and around Toronto. The company prides itself on offering “outstanding customer experience”. Its new hosting services allow businesses to get “super-fast, super-reliable” support for their websites.

Apps IT Support’s move into web hosting is designed to enable the company to maintain its ability to provide tailor-made packages that meet its customers exact business requirements. The new services allow its customers to merge online software solutions, the cloud and their web presence to “create the most elastic work environment ever”. The company’s services offer faster upload and download times and the guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

“Apps IT Support is pleased to be able to help businesses manage yet another dimension of their information technology needs,” explained a company spokesperson in a press release. “In the modern era, what a company is doing online is as important, if not more so, to their long term success as what they are doing on the machines and servers they have in their offices. As such, after having spent years helping to deliver the best possible support for the offline technology, we are now opening up our services to include online web hosting for business.”

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