Managed Service Provider for WAN Circuits ZeroOutages and Broad Sky Networks Form Partnership

April 11, 2017
Managed Service Provider for WAN Circuits ZeroOutages and Broad Sky Networks Form Partnership
Managed service provider for WAN circuits ZeroOutages and Broad Sky Networks have formed a partnership. ZeroOutages is “the world's first carrier agnostic SD-WAN service provider”. With headquarters in Irvine, California, United States, the company’s services extend to network monitoring, QoS optimization, and redundancy for Internet and wide-area-network links. It ensures uptime for its customers “through an array of patented WAN management tools”. ZeroOutages’ partnership with Broad Sky Networks will focus on offering its SD-WAN solution.

Broad Sky Networks has headquarters in Bend, Oregon, United States. The company specializes in providing “cost-effective, timely and reliable solutions” that leverage the “very best network service providers, hardware vendors and cloud services” to address its customers’ specific M2M/IoT requirements.

“ZeroOutages SD-WAN enables the highest possible quality of service using its intelligent link aggregation and best path routing functionality,” explained Zero Outages’ Vice President for Development, Daren French. “With Broad Sky Networks, we wanted to make available wireless connectivity that matched that singular focus on best in class connectivity and speed.”

“We’re excited to be part of the ZeroOutages solution for SD-WAN,” added Broad Sky Networks’ President, Mike Mudd. “14 years of delivering wireless solutions has taught us that quality and design matter. Customers will notice the performance difference on our router powered wireless solution, providing the speed and reliability they need to run their business.”

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