Managed Services Provider WiredTree Announces New “Client-Focused” Website

January 27, 2015
Managed Services Provider WiredTree Announces New “Client-Focused” Website
Managed services provider WiredTree has announced the launch of a new “client-focused” website. The company, which focuses on providing a quality “managed hosting experience” that encompasses virtual, hybrid, and dedicated web hosting options, caters to a base of around 5,000 customers. Its website’s new “responsive design” provides these customers with a more user friendly approach and enhanced user experience.

The new design simplifies how the company’s customers interact with WiredTree’s website. Its managed services are brought to the forefront, but with a focus on “client intent, rather than detailed technical specifications”. This makes getting the right server plan, configuration options, and additional management services much easier than was previously the case. Rather than representing a revision in the company’s approach, the new website design merely highlight’s WiredTree’s “core values” more directly.

“Our previous site design served us well for many years,” explained WiredTree’s President, Zac Cogswell. “But we no longer felt that it reflected our values as a modern technology company. The new design is intended to provide a more human face to a business that, in spite of its technological foundations, is all about people — both those who work for WiredTree and those whose businesses we help make possible.”

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