Marketing Agency and Design Firm One Firefly Announces Expansion of its Web Hosting Services

February 11, 2016
Marketing Agency and Design Firm One Firefly Announces Expansion of its Web Hosting Services
Marketing agency and design firm One Firefly, LLC (One Firefly) has announced the expansion of web hosting services that target technology integrators. One Firefly, which has headquarters in Davie, Florida, United States, was established in 2007 and predominantly caters to contractors and manufacturers involved in the electronics industry. The company bills itself as a group of “industry experts” that primarily caters to “designers, integrators, installers, contractors, consultants, distributors, and manufacturers”.

Aside from hosting, which the company has now been offering for the last two years, One Firefly’s services extend to creative options such as branding, logo design and website building. The company’s web hosting services now offer enhanced website security and maintenance features, and have been "finely tailored to ensure the reliability and performance of all client websites”. They include both “Basic” and “Professional” packages.

The “Basic” package begins at only $15 per month and offers 10GB of storage on a SATA drive, 8GB of RAM, on-server backups alongside uptime monitoring. For $60 per month the “Professional” package offers 20GB of storage on an SSD drive, 16GB of RAM, and weekly On and Off-server backups. The Professional package also fulfils the maintenance and security requirements of resource hungry Content Management Systems (CMS).

“Our managed hosting services are as unique and powerful as the websites we build,” explained the Director of Online Solutions at One Firefly, John Baskerville. "As a key feature, we have designed a sophisticated backup redundancy protocol to ensure your online presence is sufficiently resilient. We take care of what’s most important to you, so you can stay focused on running your business."

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