McCabe Offers New Release Management Software

July 3, 2005
July 3, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosts with significant development projects will be interested to know that McCabe & Associates today announced the release of TRUEchange 3.1 with StreamCM™. This latest release, allows users to migrate changes across releases and the enterprise. TRUEchange’s selective migration techniques enable the removal of specific changes among many others or the promotion of a change from among those waiting, allowing it to be fast tracked through test to release. TRUEchange users make a change once, before migrating it across distributed development environments.

TRUEchange includes StreamCM, a customer-focused, feature rich Java client, developed for an exceptional ease-of-use experience. Its powerful visualization of the change-based application lifecycle allows development teams to drill down to the lowest level of the application history so that information about change history is never lost. This visibility into the application lifecycle provides absolute accountability, making TRUEchange a necessary and valuable tool in the quest for corporate governance.

“No other CM solution gives you the flexibility to manage change like this.” says Barbara Dumas, McCabe’s Director of SCM Solutions. “And, as with previous versions of TRUEchange, users will realize a significantly lower ‘administrator to developer’ ratio than they would with other CM solutions, translating into a much lower cost of ownership, and flexible, accelerated release schedules.”

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