MCI Makes $5 Billion a Year From Illegal Spamware While Police Do Nothing

February 13, 2005
February 13, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – As reported by Spamhaus, MCI provides web hosting services to which distributes 'stealth' or anonymous spamware that sends email or spam mail from infected computers to sell viagra and pornography.

MCI profits from this are close to $5 billion per year from this endeavor. MCI is headquartered in Virginia, where it is illegal to do so.

On contacting BASS (the administrative contact) at the Virginia State Police website for information and reporting the issue as a crime to the BCI the director of BASS, Mr. B Crowder replied to saying, “We do not give legal advice and if you feel a violation of law has been made, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.”

The BCI did not respond to the report of the crime.

As reported by Spamhaus MCI executives have failed to put a stop to the illegal spamware because it is "not against MCI's policy".

With so much money involved and no interest from the police in following up on this kind of crime one has to wonder if any of that money is finding its way into the hands of law enforcement agencies.

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