Media72 Launches Web Hosting

April 24, 2006
April 24, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Multimedia design and development company Media72 ( have announced their launch of a range of web hosting options aimed at designers and developers. To celebrate their launch, the company is offering 33% off the price of its plans to all new account signups.

"Media72 have been in the hosting, web design and development business for over five years. Previously we have only offered web-hosting solutions to our clients, until we decided to open up our services and offer quality, customizable hosting at an affordable price to everyone. We understand the needs of today's web designers and developers because experienced web designers and developers formed Media72 hosting," suggested a company spokesman.

"As web designers and developers we found it very difficult to find a hosting solution that would fit our needs, especially when starting out. Every hosting company would either restrict our ability to design and develop compelling, cutting edge websites by restricting control, or we found ourselves renting dedicated servers where we had to manage everything ourselves when all we wanted to do was install some extra software to run a cool feature on a website. At Media72 we believe we have found the perfect solution to this problem, we offer fully managed hosting solutions so you have the time to concentrate on the issues that matter, like creating compelling websites for your clients, while also allowing you the control you need to be able to run and install custom software when needed," added the spokesman.

Based in the UK, Media72 was established in 2000 and offers a range of services through Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. As designers and developers themselves the company feels it understands its customers’ hosting requirements and has developed solutions that best meet those requirements.

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