Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. Launches Reseller Program:

February 7, 2009
February 7, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., a leading provider of merchant payment solutions, is proud to launch the recurring revenue reseller program for Web designers, online billing systems, mail order management solutions, shopping carts, hosting companies, and technology partners. Called "R3", the program is unique because it allows resellers, who earn significant ongoing residuals from their referrals, to offer two types of merchant accounts: Interchange-Plus merchant accounts to their largest most profitable clients, and normal merchant accounts to brand new businesses.

Established clients qualify for special "cost plus" processing with no monthly fees of any kind through a proprietary co-branded referral splash page, at which point these larger clients receive custom proposals for their high volume credit card processing. New businesses apply for low cost Two Tier billing accounts directly through a co-branded online application featuring instant merchant id numbers. Both types of merchant accounts feature no termination penalties and guaranteed pricing, key components of merchant friendly practices.

In addition, a dynamic resource portal has been created at which provides valuable information on the benefits of being an R3 reseller, the recurring revenue opportunity, examples of co-branded landing pages, and access to tools such as online residual reports, links to the underwriting database, and R3 marketing solutions.

"Our management team learned important lessons running one of the largest, most successful merchant account reseller programs in the industry," said Sloane Bouchever, president of Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. "During that five year period, our resellers referred over 30,000 merchants to us. We found that the largest most profitable clients typically avoid merchant account affiliate programs because they don't offer Interchange-Plus pricing. Not anymore! R3 is specifically designed to help our resellers tap into their most profitable, established clients."

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through Established Merchants, and brand new businesses enjoy special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through

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