Michael Senoff Unveils Small Business Resource Site for Web Design and Hosting

July 14, 2005
CEO Michael Senoff is offering free online resources for small businesses from online and offline marketing to web hosting.

“I see so many businesses spending a fortune on things like web design, web hosting, advertising, internet marketing, phone calls, networking meetings and more all completely unnecessarily," said Senoff in a press release. “So with the help of a few of my friends I've put together a “Motherlode” of powerful internet links that you can access completely free."

“These links are worth well over $35,100 to small business and I know anyone who goes to http://hardtofindseminars.com/$31,500Links_E-course.htm will be absolutely thrilled with the fantastic free resources we've put together for them.”

“You'll learn how to put your own web site together, how to get free web hosting, secrets from the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet to save you a fortune in advertising, links to a powerful online business networking group, how to get free phone calls to anywhere in the world and so much more.”

However, the free resources can't last forever. Senoff says many of these links aren't his and he has no control over them.

“If you want to take advantage of this motherlode you'll have to act fast,” Senoff says.

“I fully expect many of these links to go down and once they're gone you'll miss out forever."

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