Microsoft Announces Shared Web Hosting Technical Seminar

May 11, 2005
May 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Microsoft sent out an announcement for their Shared Web Hosting Technical Seminar as a part of the Windows Web Hoster Program Seminars series.

The seminar promises to teach a set of third-party applications, called Website Starters, optimized to run in a Windows-based hosted environment. The applications include DotNetNuke Portal Builder, and Telligent Community Server Forums, Blogs, and Photo Gallery. The technical session will show how to deploy the Website Starters in your hosting environment.

The announcement states, “Discover how the new tools for Internet Information Services 6 (IIS6) can significantly reduce operational costs of Windows shared Web hosting. We’ll demonstrate new Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools, which allow administrators to monitor and trace executing IIS requests, allowing better failure identification and resolution. Or simply put, we’ll help you reduce the time you spend solving customer problems.”

In addition the seminar promises to show seminar attendees how to ‘save big and pay as you go’ with a Service Provider Licensing Agreement, accelerate your business with the Windows Web Hoster Program and use the ASP.NET Hosting Advantage to deploy and market your ASP.NET offerings.

Below are locations and dates for the seminar.


Redmond, WA

May 19th

Kista, Sweden

May 19th

Denver, CO

May 24th

Helsinki, Finland

May 24th

Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands

May 26th

Athens, Greece

May 27th

Vienna, Austria

May 30th

Zurich, Switzerland

May 31st

Paris, France

June 1st

San Jose, CA

June 2nd

Diegem, Belgium

June 2nd

Porto Salvo, Portugal

June 3rd

Riga, Latvia

June 7th

LA/Santa Monica, CA

June 9th


Madrid, Spain

June 10th

Chicago, IL

June 13th

Boston, MA

June 14th

Oslo, Norway

June 14th

Washington, DC

June 16th

Milan, Italy

June 16th

Neuss, Germany

June 20th

Prague, Czech Republic

June 20th

Toronto, Canada

June 22nd

Dallas, TX

June 23rd

Warsaw, Poland

June 23rd

Reading, UK

June 27th

Atlanta, GA

June 28th

New York City, NY

June 30th

For more information contact Windows Web Hoster Program []

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