Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Now Installed on 200 Million Devices

January 5, 2016
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Now Installed on 200 Million Devices
Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) has announced that Windows 10 is now installed on 200 million devices. Microsoft, which has headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States, is a software giant and a major cloud industry players. Windows 10 is the latest iteration of its ubiquitous computer operating system which was introduced on November 20, 1985. Microsoft made Windows 10 available on July 29, 2015. Since then, people with Windows 7 and Windows 8 have been invited to install Windows 10 without additional cost. The latest figures suggest this approach is working for Microsoft - Windows 10 was only installed on 110 million devices three months ago.

Microsoft has suggested that Windows 10 is popular with its business and education customers, with around 75% of Microsoft’s enterprise customers trialling the software. In addition, there has been a significant increase in engagement with the software, particularly the Microsoft Edge browser, which is particular to Windows 10. However, despite the encouraging figures, they mean that Windows 10 had only taken a 10% market share at the end of 2015. In addition, Microsoft gave itself a target of getting Windows 10 on 1 billion devices (smartphones and other devices included) within 3 years. Although Microsoft suggest not, that target might be in jeopardy.

“As we start the new year, I want to provide an update on Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices,” suggested the Senior Vice President of the Online Audience Business Group at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi on the blog. “We continue to be excited – and humbled – by the incredible response to Windows 10. First, a few updates on how we’re tracking toward our goal of seeing Windows 10 active on more than one billion devices.”

“We are even more excited that these customers are loving Windows 10,” he added. “Overall, we are seeing significantly higher customer satisfaction with Windows 10 than any prior version of Windows”.

Have you installed Windows 10 on a PC or another device? What are your thoughts? Add your comments below.

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