Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting Now Available From IT Solutions Now

October 30, 2009
October 30, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – IT Solutions Now announces the launch of its CRM 4.0 hosting service, featuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting. This hosted service offers organizations fully integrated customer relationship management software that creates and maintains a clear view of customers from first contact through post-sales.

“Now clients can easily track all of the stages of planning and executing marketing campaigns, including planning, tactics and follow-up,” says Billy Forte, CEO of IT Solutions Now, a leading Microsoft Exchange Hosting organization. “Most importantly, managers can manage leads better to convert them into sales.”

CRM 4. 0 hosting offers many benefits to organizations and businesses. With a hosted service, organizations can customize a CRM solution to the needs of each customer, and can integrate sales marketing and service processes, creating a professional image to present to clients. An organization can used CRM 4.0 hosting to automate task planning, cost tracking and many other tasks involved in complex marketing campaigns, saving staff time and reducing room for error. A hosted service also allows for quicker follow-up on leads and makes it easier to connect with prospects and customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting users can also track responses to mailings and e-mail marketing to stay in constant contact. The service also features full synchronicity with Outlook e-mail, tasks, contacts and calendars, and makes it easy to export data into Excel for fast analysis and reporting.

Overall, CRM 4.0 hosting leads to increased brand awareness, more efficient lead generation and better management of existing customer data to grow market share.

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