Microsoft Increases SkyDrive Pro to 25 Gigabytes of Storage Space

August 28, 2013
Microsoft Increases SkyDrive Pro to 25 Gigabytes of Storage Space
Microsoft has announced that it has increased the amount of storage space available in its SkyDrive Pro cloud-based storage solution to 25 gigabytes. SkyDrive Pro is a component of Office 365, the company's online communication and collaboration suite which brings Microsoft Office capability to offices as a cloud solution for a monthly fee. Those interested can purchase additional space at the rate of 20 cents each per month per gigabyte.

Unfortunately Microsoft's upgrade does not apply to Office 365 dedicated subscribers, or to Office 365 Home Premium subscribers. The free version of SkyDrive remains at (a still significant) 7 gigabytes of storage space.

The size of the files users can store in SkyDrive Pro has also increased and 2-gigabyte files are now permitted. Alongside the increase in storage capacity and file sizes, Microsoft has also extended the amount of time that deleted documents can remain in SkyDrive Pro's recycle bin. Files will now remain available for a full 90 days.

Microsoft's move is very likely a response to competition in what has become a very crowded cloud storage arena. Secure content-sharing system 'Box' recently increased user's online storage capacity to 10 gigabytes and now offers 100 gigabytes of storage for a very reasonable $5 per month.

The online storage space seems to be getting more competitive. Do you know of any other companies increasing storage space? Let us know the details. Add your comments below.

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