Microsoft Partner SpinPanel and Cloud Management and Automation Platform Provider Nubo Service Automation Merge

February 5, 2019
Microsoft Partner SpinPanel and Cloud Management and Automation Platform Provider Nubo Service Automation Merge
Microsoft partner SpinPanel and cloud management and automation platform provider Nubo Service Automation have merged. SpinPanel, which has headquarters in Malden, Gelderland, Netherlands, was established in 2015. The company “redefines cloud automation” by offering a unified platform for the “creation, deployment and management” of its customers’ cloud solutions and Office 365/Microsoft Azure services. SpinPanel is powered by Microsoft Azure and does not require dedicated management portals to set up. The SpinPanel solution offers insightful reporting and analytics alongside end-to-end billing solution and the ability to “set pricing at different levels and gain insights in revenue and margins”. Combined SpinPanel and Nubo Service Automation will offer an enhanced range of cloud automation solutions.

Nubo Service Automation, which has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was established in 2017. The company offers a cloud management and automation platform that caters to Value Added Resellers, IT distributors and Microsoft CSP tier 1 and 2 partners. Its platform provides automation and orchestration of cloud services from a range of vendors including Microsoft, Amazon, and Acronis. Its multi-tenant platform can utilize existing ERP/CRM systems to provide reporting, billing, and payment management. The Nubo Service Automation and SpinPanel merger will provide both organizations benefits in terms of consolidation of services.

“Automation has never been more relevant. Every organization is looking for smarter and more efficient ways to work,” suggested SpinPanel founder Koen Nicolasen in a statement on the company’s website. “SpinPanel has already proven to be a great help to distributors and resellers in their transition from legacy to cloud-based solutions. This merger was a logical step toward continuity and business growth. With our new team we are now in a position to make an international, commercial move. This enables distributors and resellers abroad to also reap the benefits of our complete cloud solution”.

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