Microsoft Praises Free Trade Agreement Ahead of House Vote

July 4, 2005
July 4, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Jack Krumholtz, Managing Director for Federal Government Affairs at Microsoft effusively praised the Senate's passing of the Free Trade Agreement with the Dominican Republic and Central America on Thursday saying, "It is particularly important to Microsoft and other U.S. technology companies that DR-CAFTA and other free-trade agreements negotiated by the U.S. mandate strong intellectual property protections and fair treatment for products delivered online; and that government procurement be open, transparent and based on
merit. These policies are needed for the U.S. technology sector to be able to compete in global markets. The action that Congress took today on DR-CAFTA promises to have a positive effect on the ability of Microsoft and many other
U.S. companies to do business in the region."

The agreement which passed in the Senate will face stiff resistance in the House based on criticisms that it does not offer workers rights protections and will cause Americans to lose jobs.

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