Microsoft to Help 36% of Small Businesses without Websites

February 26, 2021
Microsoft to Help 36% of Small Businesses without Websites
Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) has plans to help the 36% of all small businesses in the United States that do not have websites and are losing customers as a result. Based in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft has transitioned from a software-based company offering the ubiquitous Microsoft Office, to a cloud-focused organization offering a broad range of cloud-based options. Established in 1975 and operating in 170 countries, Microsoft now takes on companies like Squarespace, Webflow and Wix by providing a new website builder option. While the bulk of website builder sites offer free options, ultimately, they rely on people taking up paid versions of their offerings. Microsoft’s solution differs in that it is free to users.

Microsoft cites a recent study to offer the rationale behind its new service. The survey suggests that a staggering 80% of customers will not make a visit to a company or purchase its products and services without visiting their website first to do some background research. The 36% of companies without websites are, therefore, at a serious disadvantage. Available through Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center, the service offers a “free and simple solution small businesses can leverage to get started with a website”.

To simplify matters, the service offers some sophisticated features. It includes templates that can be made into websites “without having to know any code”. Users can import information from a Facebook page to fill out the content of their new websites. Likewise, they can import details listed in a company’s advertising campaigns. Formatting is managed automatically.

Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center is making a major contribution to levelling the playing field through its new service. Ultimately, this will help companies in their digital marketing efforts and enable them to grow. For those who want to start from scratch, the service offers several easy-to-use website-build options.

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