Mobile Content Delivery Company Twin Prime Joins the Amazon Partner Network

January 28, 2016
Mobile Content Delivery Company Twin Prime Joins the Amazon Partner Network
Mobile content delivery company Twin Prime has joined the Amazon Partner Network (APN). Twin Prime, which bills itself as a “pioneer in mobile content delivery”, has headquarters in Redwood City, California, United States. The company’s solutions enable mobile apps to operate “up to 300% faster on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks” through technology that creates and updates a “heatmap of all wireless networks and devices in the world”. The result is that Twin Prime’s customers (including Fortune 50 companies and start ups) can deliver high quality content to users “even over secure protocols like HTTPS”. Twin Prime can now provide its mobile app acceleration offerings to companies using Amazon's cloud services, including the Amazon CloudFront content delivery service (CloudFront).

Twin Prime's solutions enable Amazon customers to increase the speed of mobile apps and maintain a quality user experience. They use machine learning and analyze network data to establish the most efficient data routes. This speeds up content delivery by “up to 300% over any device or network”. CloudFront integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to enable developers to easily distribute content to end users. The solution has been utilized by “millions of businesses” globally and these companies can now utilize Twin Prime's mobile acceleration offerings through APN.

"We are excited to be partnering with Amazon, bringing our service to the millions of companies globally who utilize their AWS and CloudFront services," explained Twin Prime’s CEO and Co-founder, Kartik Chandrayana. "CDNs were built for the wired internet, but mobile phones don't have wires. Twin Prime solves last-mile network latency, where CDNs don't touch. AWS customers, especially those on CloudFront will now have end-to-end capability to solve their content delivery needs, whether on desktops or on mobile devices."

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