Modern Hosting Provider Everleap Announces Private MySQL Hosting Solutions

April 26, 2017
Modern Hosting Provider Everleap Announces Private MySQL Hosting Solutions
Modern hosting provider Everleap has announced the launch of Private MySQL hosting solutions. Everleap, which is a DiscountASP.NET brand, has headquarters in Monrovia, California, United States. The company provides “modern hosting for today's developer” and specializes in scalable cloud options with “predictable pricing, bundled services, technical support”. The launch of its Private MySQL plans enables the company’s customers to operate private servers where they can manage their own MySQL installation.

MySQL is an Open Source ‘Relational Database Management System” (RDBMS). It is a widely utilized solution, especially with Content Management Solutions (CMS) such as TYPO3, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and forums like phpBB and MyBB. Everleap’s MySQL offering is used by businesses with large MySQL databases, and businesses running multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that need multiple databases. It is also beneficial for businesses with custom MySQL server requirements. The company’s plans offer 200 GB of storage, which can be expanded as required. Additionally, the plans offer 2 CPU cores or 4 CPU cores with a selection of RAM options and server maintenance, security patching, and technical and migration support included.

“We already offer Private Microsoft SQL solutions and we are excited to add the Private MySQL servers to our portfolio,” explained Everleap’s Vice President of Business Development, Takeshi Eto. “Our Private MySQL service delivers the power of dedicated MySQL servers but is more cost-effective. And it’s fully managed without additional fees and it’s easy to use like traditional shared MySQL hosting.”

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