MonsterCommerce Integrates Urchin 6 On Demand for All Customers

January 24, 2005
January 24, 2005 – MonsterCommerce has become the first major e-commerce platform to integrate seamlessly with the Urchin 6 On Demand customer portal, allowing customers to easily track and analyze traffic and sales on their e-commerce sites. MonsterCommerce standardized on Urchin 6 On Demand as a premium upgrade for all MonsterCommerce customers. With this move, Urchin reports will be populated automatically. Customers can now simply log in to their storefront administration system to gain access to the unified MonsterCommerce/Urchin portal and view their reporting data.

"The world of e-commerce is highly competitive,” said Stephanie Leffler, CEO of MonsterCommerce, “but now our customers have another 'unfair advantage' over their rivals.” MonsterCommerce has created a competitive advantage for its customers by integrating both the UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) and the e-commerce reporting data into the MonsterCommerce platform using standard Urchin APIs.

"We are thrilled with the depth and quality of the Urchin/MonsterCommerce integration," said Jason Senn, Channel Manager for Urchin Software Corporation. "Urchin is designed to integrate with e-commerce platforms, but we are impressed with how quickly and smoothly it was accomplished by the MonsterCommerce engineering team. This integration is a model we will follow going forward."

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