Moyobase, New Information and Data Management Web Solution, is Announced Today

May 18, 2009
May 18, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Innovating start-up company Moyobase has announced the launch of a robust Web 2.0 application managing business information and data.

Using PHP technology and a MySQL database, the Moyobase Web 2.0 application can easily run on any modern and cost-effective web server.

The feature-rich data management web application offers:
- Simplified customer relationship/contacts management:
- Collaborative task management
- Easy data management with custom web forms and folders
- Flexible personal information management
- Comprehensive business analytics with customizable charts
- Ease of sharing and collaborating

Software developers will find the application a great solution for database administration, with the ability to not only define custom forms and folders but also map data in an existing SQL database to custom folders. Moreover, in the spirit of Web 2.0, Moyobase provides a framework, API and tools for software developers to build plug-ins, implement business rules or integrate their existing software with Web Services.

For businesses, Moyobase is a simple customer relationship management application that facilitates easy collaboration with partners and customers, enabling businesses to streamline several processes and boost efficiency. By providing businesses the power to set up customized Intranets and Extranets in a matter of minutes, Moyobase offers unmatched flexibility to use the tools at their disposal. The comprehensive analytics features can generate charts easily helping companies measure key parameters and make appropriate strategic decisions.

Software developers and hosting providers can configure, customize and install Moyobase for their customers adding value to their offers or easily rebrand, re-design and re-sell the application for additional revenue. Web publishers may also choose to join the Moyobase affiliate program and earn up to 20% of each sale generated from their website for promoting the application.

"Our aim was to create a powerful and useful web application for small businesses that can have a significant impact on their business while being extremely cost-effective. I believe the rich feature set of Moyobase, including the customizability and flexibility, fulfills that objective," said Ondrej Benovsky, founder of Moyobase. "Software developers and hosting providers also have the opportunity to generate additional revenue with this product. We will continue to launch cost-effective web applications that can serve a large user base."

Moyobase is available in two versions, Basic and Professional. The Basic edition is priced at $277, while the professional edition, ideal for software developers is priced at $397.

Moyobase is a privately-held software development and consulting company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company creates powerful web applications focusing on technology and user experience. The Moyobase web application is the company's flagship product.

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