Multi-cloud Data Management Company SwiftStack Announces New Storage Product

June 17, 2019
Multi-cloud Data Management Company SwiftStack Announces New Storage Product
Multi-cloud data management company SwiftStack Inc. (SwiftStack) has announced the launch of a new storage product. SwiftStack, which has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, was established in 2011. The company specializes in private cloud storage solutions, software-defined storage, and storage management options. Its innovations “power multi-cloud data management for Enterprises”, allowing them to move workloads between on-premises and public infrastructure. SwiftStack’s new multi-cloud storage product competes with the offerings of companies like Hadoop and Spark.

Alongside hybrid cloud and multi-cloud storage, SwiftStack’s new offering is designed for ‘Big Data’ analytics and machine learning. Leveraging SwiftStack's object-based cloud storage and 1space multi-cloud data management option, it caters for data-driven workloads that leverage the Presto, TensorFlow, Hadoop, Spark, and Hive frameworks. It also utilizes Alluxio, an “Open Source data orchestration layer that brings data close to compute for Big Data and AI/ML workloads in the cloud”. The solution is easily deployed and scaled by adding “standard on-premises server hardware and account capacity in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform”.

“Enterprises are ready to move from HDFS to on-premise S3, enabled by ingest and training performance, meta-data scalability, durability, and economics, but often data locality and API support used to be obstacles,” explained SwiftStack’s Head of AI/ML Solutions Marketing and Corporate Development, Shailesh Manjrekar. “Our new solution brings together the best of both worlds – SwiftStack providing the ideal data storage and management platform and Alluxio providing the compute data orchestration and API accessibility.”

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