nCipher introduces keyAuthority

September 13, 2005
September 13 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - UK-based Cryptographic IT security solutions provider nCipher plc yesterday announced the launch of the nCipher keyAuthority™ product suite of enterprise-wide security management systems. keyAuthority offers advanced security controls that enable stronger data protection and access control and consolidates auditing procedures. "There is no doubt that with all the attention being given to some of the recent data breaches and the move toward more device and data-level security systems, cryptography is a vital technology in enterprise security," said Andrew Braunberg, senior analyst, Current Analysis. "Cryptography will become more pervasive, causing the number of cryptographic keys that an organization needs to manage to multiply very quickly. The management of these keys up until now has been a very manual ad hoc process, but that approach will become increasingly cumbersome as keys multiply. For this reason, nCipher has a great opportunity to create a leadership position in this market that will also embrace areas such as ID management and DRM."

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