Neiko Web Services Breaks Away From Fromer Business Partnerships

February 10, 2005
DETROIT, Mich. (February 10, 2005) – Neiko Web Services LLC. (“NWS”), a managed Internet service provider announced today after months of anticipation, their new website launches after breaking away from a long term partnership with its former business partner Neiko redesigned and launched its corporate website, The new site, designed internally by Neiko’s creative department, completes phase one of Neiko’s long-term vision for the site.

“The redesigned site better aligns Neiko’s online presence with its brand vision,” said Robert Erhman, Neiko’s Senior Developer. “This phase of the project was primarily focused on communicating Neiko’s core value and services. As future phases roll out, clients can expect an on-line tour of Neiko’s data center, web-enabled operations, and advanced customer support.”

"Neiko has broken away from former business partnerships that continually held us back", said Michael Johnson, Neiko's CEO. "We have completely revamped our infrastructure, brought in several powerful new servers and network hardware to vastly improve upon what had already existed".

Neiko has emerged as a top contender battling tens of thousands of web hosting companies globally. Even though the name is new, Neiko has been providing hosted services since early 2001 and has shown successful from the beginning. Neiko Web Services has recently opened its new corporate office in Southeastern Michigan and brought in talented new staff members to accommodate the needs of its growing customer base and ever changing technology.

Neiko boasts a redesigned user interface and expanded customer support and services area. Phase two and three, planned for later this year, will offer more client-focused content and web-enabled sales and support.

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