Net AllRounder launches Web Hosting and Domain names Marketplace

December 15, 2003
Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 12.dec.2003 - Net AllRounder - A Internet Consulting firm has launched a true and complete web hosting and domain names marketplace under the domain name for the benefit of buyers and sellers of the respective industries to promote their business and benefit the webmaster community as a whole. Initial reactions has it that, its all set to be the eBay for webhosting industry !

HostBubble marketplace is a platform to buy and sell services & products related to webhosting and domain names industries. Founder/CEO Rajashekar
explained that marketplace would encourage more of business activity and that it would be run as a freeware and donationware to start with. Web hosting sellers, software and hardware vendors in webhosting and domain industries, domain name registrars and buyers of both the segments are
expected to benefit from this venture. Besides being just a platform for buyers and sellers, in the following days a lot more functionality will be added to our marketplace which will benefit
the entire industry !

He further explained that while others in the same category limit promotional activities, the HostBubble marketplace is primarily intended for
buying and selling activities. Even the portal owners in the industry are expected to benefit, helping them to monetise the white space and discuss other possibilities. He feels that buyers should also be getting equal promotion besides sellers.

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