Netfirms Launches New Platform and Photo Gallery

Web Hosting Company adds more value to its packages and services

TORONTO – May 11, 2004 – Netfirms, Inc., the fastest growing Web Hosting company in the world, today announced that it has advanced its hosting platform by aggressively increasing specifications on all of its premium hosting packages and launching a full-featured photo gallery – Netfirms Picture Pro™. In addition, a number of new tools have been added to its control panel.

While maintaining low priced hosting plans, Netfirms has increased the amount of disk space and monthly data transfer by up to 500%. The new specs include:

Small Business Advantage Plan ($9.95/mo)
•1000 MB (1GB) Disk space
•50 GB Monthly data transfer

Big Business Plan ($14.95/mo)
•2000MB (2GB) Disk space
•100 GB Monthly data transfer

Personal Plus Plan ($4.95/mo)
•250 MB Disk space
•5 GB Monthly data transfer

“As feature-rich shopping carts, photo galleries, discussion boards and blogs are becoming very popular among our customers, we’ve upgraded both web space and monthly bandwidth to support the growing demand,” explains Thomas Savundra, President of Netfirms. “Our unique load-balanced, clustered hosting platform lets us guarantee these incredible specs to all of our customers at such low prices.”

These spec increases coincides with the launch of Netfirms newest web-based service – Netfirms Picture Pro – which gives individuals the ability to build their own online photo gallery. Uploaded instantly, Netfirms Picture Pro allows users to easily post over 5,000 photos into multiple albums. Visitors can vote or comment on photos, download images or post their own pictures into the gallery. Netfirms Picture Pro is included free of charge with all of Netfirms premium Web Hosting plans.

The addition of this photo gallery – along with other recent services, Netfirms Commerce Pro and Discussion Board - supports Netfirms ongoing commitment to make it easier for users to add new, feature-rich applications to their Website.

For more information on Netfirms Picture Pro visit

Netfirms has also made considerable changes to its member’s control panel. Customers now have access to a tool that makes moving their domain registrar simple. This automated transferal system lets users start the move with a single click, and keeps them informed throughout the transferal stages. Netfirms has also added a Microsoft FrontPage Extensions management tool and an automatic renewal tool.

About Netfirms

Netfirms, Inc., founded in 1998, is a leading global Web Hosting service provider, helping over 1,000,000 small businesses get their sites online. With full-featured, attractively priced e-commerce hosting plans backed by 24/7 live customer service, Netfirms has become the trusted choice for Website owners. Netfirms is committed to making Web Hosting easy for beginners and flexible enough for the most advanced Webmaster. For more information, visit

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