Netopia’s New eSite Builder Service Includes Web Hosting

November 16, 2005
November 16, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – California-based Netopia, Inc. (, a leader in broadband gateways and service delivery software, announced the launch of its new eSite Builder service yesterday. The service provides an online solution that enables developers to cost-effectively build, manage, and deploy web sites for their clients. The service includes web hosting and 20 MB of disk space. No knowledge or experience of HTML or XML is required to manage the service.

“By making our eSite Builder platform available to a wider audience, we’re enabling service providers and developers to take advantage of the ease and efficiency that this service brings to Web development,” said Jeff Porter, vice president of product marketing for Netopia. “Users can leverage our service to cost-effectively deploy web site design and management services while generating increased revenue.”

eSite Builder runs entirely online and does not require users to install and configure software. All functions are available online through an ActiveX/Java console.
Developers choose a template for their site from the eSite Builder’s stock, each of which can be modified using WYSIWYG editing tools. The builder offers a proprietary ‘Click-It Editing’ facility that enables users to create and edit web sites by dragging and dropping content boxes, images, and other elements to their requirements.

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