Netriplex Releases Free Anti-Spam Solution for Small Businesses

October 14, 2004
Boston, MA – October 14, 2004 – Netriplex (, a leading provider of anti-spam technology, today announced that it has released a free version of its highly acclaimed anti-spam solution specifically engineered to meet the needs of small business.

“By far the majority of businesses around the world are small businesses,” said Jonathan Hoppe, Chief Technology Officer for Netriplex. “They need access to an affordable and extremely effective anti-spam solution that is easy to implement and even easier to use. Our free anti-spam solution gives small business owners the power to regain control of their email with zero effort and zero cost. It also helps increase Netriplex’s global mail volume and access to more spam, thus allowing us to continually refine our technology and keep it the most effective in the world.”

The free version of Netriplex anti-spam is part of its Email Management Solutions suite that incorporates the advanced SPAMsig detection technology for exceedingly effective filtering. Additionally, all email is scanned for viruses as well as fraud and phishing attempts to ensure that our customers do not become the target of identity or information theft.

In the world today where more than 90% of business email is spam, companies demand an exceptional solution to ensure that email remains a reliable communications tool. Netriplex’s off-site email pre-filtering service provides numerous benefits to any size business by eliminating spam and viruses before they reach company mail servers. This helps to restore lost bandwidth, reduce legal liability, provide carrier grade email redundancy and substantially reduce administrative IT expenditures.

“One of the most compelling reasons why a small business should choose Netriplex is because our solution is a managed service,” said Hoppe. “A managed service is exactly what small business owners want. They don’t have time to install, configure and maintain software or appliance solutions. By choosing Netriplex, they tap into our team of spam and phishing experts who monitor the global network 24/7/365 and update our filters every few minutes to protect our clients.”

Netriplex officially launched its anti-spam and anti-virus solution in January 2004 after more than two years of research and development. During the last ten months of service Netriplex has received an overwhelming response from businesses who are being buried by the ever-growing amount of spam, phishing attempts and virus outbreaks. Because the Email Management Solution can be 100% effective, companies will see the complete elimination of spam and viruses within a matter of days, quickly bringing a significant return on investment.


Netriplex’s free small business anti-spam solution is available immediately by visiting Netriplex’s website at or by contacting a reseller or channel partner.

About Netriplex

Netriplex is a privately held leading provider of Anti-Spam, Remote Data Backup and eBusiness Hosting Solutions with its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts. With datacenters in Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA; Charlestown, MA and Southern New Hampshire, Netriplex offers unsurpassed reliability, redundancy and connectivity to the internet through nearly every major Tier 1 backbone provider in the world. The company continues to double its revenues and customer base each year of operation since its inception in 1999.

Jonathan Hoppe
Chief Technology Officer
617-242-4855 x112
617-249-0143 fax

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