Network Service Provider Dicar Joins CDW Program

June 12, 2005
June 12, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Dicar Networks, a San Jose, CA, network service provider, announced that it has joined the CDW SolutionEdge™ program for technology product fulfillment. Dicar Networks will continue to provide technology services to its growing, local client base, but will now work jointly with CDW to provide the technology products needed by their customers. This includes the ability to place and monitor orders through the award-winning CDW@work website program.

“SolutionEdge™ fits our business model perfectly,” said Dicar Networks President Armando Garcia. “We wanted to improve the product delivery aspect of our business and now we can provide our clients the very best of both worlds, combining the hardware and software fulfillment capabilities of CDW, and our local network service offerings. Neither of us could have provided such a total solution to our clients on our own. Our entire staff is very proud to be part of the select group participating in this strategic pilot program.”

SolutionEdge™ is an innovative partnership that capitalizes on the unique distribution strengths of CDW and a network of solution providers such as Dicar Networks. It allows each solution provider to focus on selling solutions that serve customers and help build their business, while CDW does the “heavy lifting” of product inventory and fulfillment logistics. SolutionEdge™ improves the ultimate customer experience by delivering to each customer the right technology in the fastest time frame, along with high quality professional services and support expertise.

“Dicar Networks has looked for strategic partnerships to provide service excellence for their clients, and their participation in SolutionEdge™ was an obvious fit for both of us. CDW has been an industry leader in delivering technology products and solutions, so the combination of their client relationships and service capabilities will make this a great partnership for both CDW and Dicar Networks,” says Norm Lillis, CDW Vice President of Sales – New Markets and Small Business. CDW can provide immediate access to over 60,000 products from multiple distribution centers, but has not previously offered customers local installation and maintenance services.

Dicar Networks, is also pleased to announce another addition to their service offerings. Vernier Networks has developed a Network Access Management platform that enables organizations to reduce risks associated with intrusions while providing open network access to employees and business applications. In 2004 alone, organizations lost $23 billion in security related breaches, and this number is expected to rise dramatically as worms and viruses continue to multiply and propagate through various applications. The Code Red Virus, for example, was propagated by an internal node on a network, not an external attack that could have been caught by virus detection software alone. This becomes a very important issue when wireless access to the network is permitted on a large scale, such as a school, university, or health care setting.

Based on packet-tagging technology, Vernier’s new security screening feature can either block access or tag traffic for further inspection from vulnerable devices attempting to gain access to the network. In addition to screening, tagging and blocking, Vernier can authenticate and authorize the user of the device as well. These capabilities insure that only clean devices and authenticated users can access the network, significantly reducing intrusion risks introduced by vulnerable devices

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