NetworkStreaming Releases New Remote Access Tool

March 31, 2005
March 31, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - NetworkStreaming has just released SupportDesk 8.2, a remote computer control application as the company's client base passes 1000. The newly released application is intended for desktop support although its feature set would indicate a strong compatibility with remote access for server management in a web hosting environment.

SupportDesk enables web based remote control of computers for secure remote desktop support sessions. This remote assistance tool works transparently through corporate firewalls and allows client-initiated support sessions to begin in seconds. In addition to the IT services and software industries, SupportDesk resonates with insurance, financial, and health care corporations whose clients and employees are geographically scattered.

NetworkStreaming's remote access greatly reduces travel expenses by enabling remote access to clients and employees from anywhere in the world. Compatible with any web browser, SupportDesk has simplified remote support for over 1000 clients worldwide, and with SupportDesk 8.2 that support just improved.

"With this latest release of enhancements and features, SupportDesk addresses the needs of the largest enterprises while remaining affordable for the smallest shops," says NetworkStreaming VP of Product Development, Nathan McNeill. "We designed SupportDesk 8.2 and Enterprise Reporting to be the most user-friendly and robust web based remote control solution for the money."

SupportDesk's user-friendly design and scalable pricing have resonated with customers, even prompting a recent client-initiated review in Windows IT Pro's "What's Hot" section this March. Kevin Graves, of Dime Bank in Norwich, CT, writes, "SupportDesk is low-cost, remote control support software that's extremely easy to use. [...] The product lets us control any workstation within our bank." SupportDesk "also provides the capacity to virtually remotely control any PC connected to the internet [...]" (March 2005 issue, p. 84). NetworkStreaming clients like Graves can access pc, mouse, and keyboard control of remote desktops simply by directing his customers to a link.

Plus, NetworkStreaming couples SupportDesk 8.2's enterprise-strength remote control functionality with a unique delivery model: Companies can choose to self-host the solution via NetworkStreaming's hardware, the Gateway appliance. Add this to a licensing model based on concurrent support rep and the result is a one-time purchase that quickly pays for itself in ROI. Again, Graves says, "The other great feature about SupportDesk is the cost. It's available for a low one-time cost and doesn't require ongoing monthly fees."

With the release of SupportDesk 8.2, NetworkStreaming's remote control helpdesk tool improves its already robust feature set.

NetworkStreaming SupportDesk 8.2 allows a support technician to "push" SupportDesk to a remote system on a LAN or WAN and start a remote control session. At the conclusion of the session, the client agent is automatically removed. SupportDesk also enables a technician to reboot a remote computer and reconnect automatically or to reboot a remote system without losing connection. The remote desktop does not need to be attended once the initial access has been established.

These latest enhancements to SupportDesk increase the manageability of NetworkStreaming's industry-leading remote access and control solution for desktop and application support.

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