New Cloud Storage Platform Digiboxx Competes with Key Players on the Price Front

March 31, 2021
New Cloud Storage Platform Digiboxx Competes with Key Players on the Price Front
New cloud storage platform Digiboxx recently launched and is now competing with Google and other key players on the price front. Secure, fast, and intuitive, DigiBoxx is an entirely Indian digital file storage and sharing platform for businesses and individuals – the first of its kind in India. Founded in 2020 and with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, the Digiboxx service was created as a solution to India’s growing data management demands. With costs that start at 30 Indian Rupees ($0.41), its services are available at a fraction of the cost of those provided by the main players in the arena.

Digiboxx fills the gap in the Indian mark with an easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that is available in eight Indian languages (with Telugu also in the pipeline). The company is planning to operate a Hyderabad-based data center that provides storage options on a monthly or yearly basis. For individuals, a free account offers 20GB of storage alongside Gmail integration. Small businesses can benefit from 50TB storage at only Indian Rupees 999 ($13.50). Digiboxx currently has over half a million users, 10 percent of which pay monthly.

“While India is the largest market for smartphones and laptops, there is no single Indian storage platform available at a lower price point,” Digiboxx’s CEO Arnab Mitra told Telangana Today. “To solve this problem, we partnered with Niti Aayog and launched our platform in December last year. Enterprises or individuals have to either download our app on their mobile or desktop and all their files can be stored directly on our cloud storage platform. We have partnered with recognised data centres pan-India and all the files stored on our cloud are encrypted.”

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