New Microsoft OS Name 'Vista' Scorned by Anti-Microsoft Insurgents

July 25, 2005
July 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Microsoft is finally within site of releasing the next generation of its OS, code-named Longhorn, and with the impending release the company has decided on the name Vista. Technology company Vista, however, is not pleased with the name and is likely to file suit over it.

The investigative team spent several weeks researching the new name and according to an undisclosed source, whom we will refer to as ‘KR’, who is ‘familiar with Redmond marketing mechanisms’ the name appears to have been chosen by an advanced algorithm which avoids any name which could be made to rhyme or form a near-rhyme with any derogatory word whether proper English or slang.

Tested against over 4 million popular rap songs alone as well as 17 different Linux user forums the name Vista was chosen over other other such non-rhyming names as ‘photosynthesis’ and ‘indigestion’.

Unfortunately for the powerful Microsoft naming convention however the name does conjure up images of the old Volkswagon Vista Cruiser. Known as an old, slow, unresponsive vehicle it already appears to have taken hold among what Microsoft big boss Steve Ballmer called, “the fringe Linux insurgents” as a popular tag for the new operating system.

Whether the new OS will be known more for the clear and refreshing scenic view or a clunky junker remains to be seen. It is imaginable that the scenic view may have to wait for SP2 but, of course you probably already knew that.

In other Microsoft news the Redmond software empire is also preparing the release of the equally un-rhymable IE 7 beta which, again unfortunately for the software giant, translates into, “my grandmother’s stinking armpit” in a north-eastern dialect of Hindi.

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