New Web Site to Expose Finks and Undercover Cops Draws Law Enforcement Ire

March 17, 2005
March 17, 2005 -(HOSTSEARCH.COM)- A new website aimed at exposing informants and undercover police agents has come under fire from law enforcement agencies. an online database of informants and agents, today announced that it has quadrupled in size in just six months despite criticism from members of law enforcement thanks to its overwhelming popularity with attorneys and concerned citizens.

"Despite, or perhaps because of rumblings by police agencies and ethics watchdog groups, has enjoyed rapid growth in the last six months," said Anthony Capone, spokesman for "The site now profiles over 800 law enforcement agents and informants. So while we may ruffle a few feathers, we provide an invaluable service for criminal defendants and their attorneys who may have been the victim of corrupt
informants, but don't have the resources to launch an investigation on their own. The overwhelming traffic we are now receiving each day clearly
demonstrates the value of the service that is providing the public." is a database-driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants who may not have the necessary resources to uncover this information on their own. On, members, comprised of attorneys and private citizens, can search, post, share or request any and all information on informants and agents that has been made public at some point to at least 1 person prior to posting. In addition to searching for profiles on informants, agents, and lawyers, members and visitors to the site can also search the database for top secret documents, the latest news on
government informants, and important case law. Membership to is free thanks to the generosity of a small army of donors, many of whom wish to remain anonymous.

As a result of criticism from law enforcement agencies, no longer allows the photos of agents to be added to the agent profile section. A re-launch of the agent photo option is being considered, however, website users are still allowed and encouraged to add photos to the informant profiles database. Capone insists that they have made no other concessions as a result
of the official scrutiny they have been experiencing.

" exists to provide the facts about agents and informants who have skeletons in their own closets," said Capone. "And they can't argue with the facts."

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