Nokodo Offers Expired Domain Name Search

February 13, 2005
February 13, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) -Unlike other services that charge for daily domain name expiration lists and contain outdated information, Nokodo offers keyword searching against the most recently deleted domain names.

Multiple times each day, the Nokodo deleted domain database is updated with the most recently deleted domain names. Users can be sure that they are searching for the latest domain names released by registrars. The entire contents of the deleted domain database is removed at the end of each day and replaced with the next day’s newest domain names.

“Many webmasters want the ability to search the latest deleted domain names for free. With Nokodo’s real time deleted domain name search engine, users can query by keyword and see the most recently deleted domain names.” said Robert West, Manager of Technology.

The deleted domain name search is available under the Advanced Search tab on Nokodo. To search, users can enter keywords in the search box, which return deleted domains specifically containing that keyword. Checkboxes are available to prevent domains containing a hyphen or numbers from domain search results. Users looking to validate the availability of any result can easily find out domain name information with the WHOIS link located next to each search result.

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