NonProfit Company Names New CEO

March 2, 2005 has named Joseph Mouzon as its executive director. is a nonprofit organization that provides Internet technology solutions to help nonprofits conduct streamlined fundraising, communications and engagement activities.

Mouzon will oversee all sales, product and business development, operations, strategic planning, and financial management activities. He will further develop and promote's services and strive to fulfill its mission to improve the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

"Joseph brings extensive leadership, management, marketing and nonprofit sector experience to Groundspring, as well as a tremendous depth of knowledge in technology," said Drummond Pike, president, and Tides. "We're very pleased to announce this strategic appointment to the executive team of the Tides Family of Organizations. I'm confident that Joseph will expand Groundspring's service to nonprofit customers and be instrumental in helping chart the course for Groundspring's products and technologies."

At Imhotech, Mr. Mouzon successfully raised venture capital funding and developed strategic partnerships with the nation's largest media and entertainment corporations. Mr. Mouzon has also held positions with NetNoir Online as vice president of sales and marketing and Working Assets Long Distance as director of business services. He began his career in finance and operations in the banking and retail sectors.

Mr. Mouzon is a guest lecturer at Stanford Business School, a frequent speaker at technology conferences and was a technology pundit for Tech TV. He is on the San Francisco Unified School District IT Pathways Board and he holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from University of San Francisco.

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