Norwegian Web Host PRO ISP AS Chooses SpamExperts for Email Security

September 27, 2016
Norwegian Web Host PRO ISP AS Chooses SpamExperts for Email Security
Norwegian web host PRO ISP AS has chosen SpamExperts for email security services. PRO ISP AS, which has headquarters in Sandnes, Norway, was established in 2002. Alongside web hosting the company offers a range of services, including Hosted Exchange, domain names, SSL certificate and virtual servers. It chose SpamExperts when the Open Source email solution it was using proved unable to “maintain a high filtering rate” and “blocked valid email”.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands SpamExperts caters to a range of organizations including shared web hosts, ISPs and telecommunication companies. The company manages a substantial network of resellers and distributors through which it offers inbound and outbound email filtering services alongside email archiving offerings. SpamExperts’ services can be run both in its customers' virtual hardware-based clouds or its own proprietary "Hosted Cloud". After implementing SpamExperts’ services PRO ISP AS experienced “drastically reduced spam” and an improvement in services that “increased the company’s network reputation”.

“One of the main focuses for us was to get rid of spam and block those unwanted emails. Network reputation is of high importance to us, and thanks to SpamExperts, we managed to both stop the flow of incoming spam and get on track with maintaining our industry standard service. We have clients using SpamExperts and they are noting substantially less spam-related problems than clients not using SpamExperts,” explains Jon Eivind Malde, PRO ISP AS CEO.

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