OCOM Group Nominated as Fastest Growing Company For Technology Fast50 Benelux

October 1, 2009
October 1, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The OCOM Group, owner of dedicated hosting provider LeaseWeb, CO2-neutral data center EvoSwitch, and network service provider FiberRing, is one of the fifty companies nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast50, the list of fastest growing technology companies in the Benelux.

This is the second time OCOM has been put forward as one of the fastest growing technology companies for the Deloitte Technology Fast50. The first time, OCOM ultimately finished in 18th place with a growth percentage of 1087 percent in five years’ time.

“Since its last nomination, OCOM’s growth has continued unabated by attracting new clients such as Wikipedia, Heineken and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,” says Con Zwinkels, Managing Director and co-founder of OCOM. “Our international outlets in particular have expanded, with new clients coming in from regions like Eastern Europe, Russia, Southern Europe and the United States. We’ve also strengthened our proposition and expanded our line of hosting products by such means as a platform for virtual servers based on VMware and a virtual storage platform.”

Hosting Network: 750 Gbps

The Technology Fast50 was launched ten years ago to acknowledge outstanding growth performances demonstrated by technology companies as well as to stimulate continued growth.

“Actually, the marketplace is a constant source of acknowledgement for the substantial growth of OCOM. A good example of this is the fact that the bandwidth in our network is growing so rapidly,” says Zwinkels. “But an official recognition by Deloitte is the ultimate reward for all our hard work over the years.” At this time, the hosting network in OCOM has an available bandwidth of more than 750 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

Global Hosting

Ensuring the strong growth of OCOM is important for retaining LeaseWeb’s high-ranking position in the competitive global hosting market. “Globally,” Zwinkels continues, “we’re one of the leading 20 providers. In Europe, we’re in the top 5.
For one thing, our scale ensures that we can go on offering a highly competitive price/quality ratio for our services. But scale is also important for ongoing development that lets us provide new technologies including the expansion of our existing line of virtual servers, the development of cloud computing, and a CDN – a Content Delivery Network.”

“Naturally, growth is closely related to the careful quality monitoring of one's provision of services,” says Zwinkels. “In this respect, LeaseWeb’s Support Department was really beefed up last year: sharper management, more highly qualified engineers, and improved employment conditions. With great results, too – an admirable 20 percent increase in ‘completely satisfied’ clients.”

“The quality of the hosting network is also a constant consideration for maintaining our high uptime of 99.999 percent. The only way to realize healthy company growth is to keep looking at one's existing achievements with an innovative and critical eye.”

A highly Efficient Data Center

Scale is also important for the energy-efficient concept being applied by data center EvoSwitch. Aiming to take the right steps in this direction, EvoSwitch took on a new Managing Director this year.

“Having a large-scaled operation means we can be even more energy-efficient,” says Zwinkels. “Our data center concept is already 40 percent more efficient than a traditional data center. Among other things, increasing our scale even more means that we can work towards a savings of 80 percent. Besides the economic advantages this offers, being more energy-efficient is also a social responsibility that EvoSwitch intentionally wants to take. As a newcomer among data centers, EvoSwitch wants to be a pioneer in efficiency and innovation. Its management devotes a great deal of attention to this objective that actually involves a continuous process.”

“It will also be important for us to expand geographically by adding more data centers in such countries as Germany, Belgium or the United Kingdom in the near future. After all, clients need back-ups and like having a state-of-the-art data center like EvoSwitch right around the corner.”

About OCOM

OCOM (www.ocom.com) is an international leader in Internet infrastructure services with brands like LeaseWeb (www.leaseweb.com), EvoSwitch(www.evoswitch.com) and FiberRing(www.fiberring.com). OCOM’s mission is to provide reliable Internet services that allow both consumers and companies to achieve, maintain and expand their presence on the Internet.

LeaseWeb (www.leaseweb.com) is the Netherlands’ largest hosting provider and one of the world’s 20 leading providers. LeaseWeb’s growth is due to its good price/quality ratio, focus on the commercial market, and its specializing in dedicated and co- located hosting. Since it was launched in 1997, LeaseWeb has steadily grown by attracting such clients as the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Heineken, Hyves, Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé, OGD, 123Video, Jaap.nl, Relatieplanet, MijnAlbum, Starbucks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Twenga, AFAS, Bose, Direct Wonen and Univé.

EvoSwitch (www.evoswitch.com) is a carrier-neutral data center with a green reputation (CO2-neutral). This innovative and efficient data center covers almost 97,000 square feet, has an energy capacity of 20 Megawatts, and serves such clients as Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé, Parnassia Bavo Groep, Logica, NTT, Codemasters and Wikipedia.

FiberRing (www.fiberring.com) is a network service provider that focuses on networks in metropolitan areas (Metro Area Networks). Its clients and partners include such companies as TeliaSonera, KPN, PQR, RAM Mobile Data, Citrix and TATA.

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