Omega Communications Buys 2 Web Hosts and is Looking for More

March 7, 2005
March 7, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Omega Communications is looking to aggregate small and reseller web hosting companies to expand it’s customer base. In 2004, Southington, CT based Omega Communications Inc. acquired two such web-hosting companies and has made a call for any others interested in selling-out to contact the firm. The two companies consisted of roughly 2,000 customers with a variety of web hosting, Internet and email services.

"The two acquisitions in 2004 were a success mainly because of the due diligence that took place and the overall staff at Omega", says Greg Angelillo, VP Business Development. "The technical and finance staff were pivotal to the success and without the extra efforts from each employee, the migration onto our data center servers and our billing software could have been a nightmare for us as well as our new customers", Angelillo adds.

Omega is a ‘brick and mortar’ host which guarantees 99.9% uptime and also provides its customers with a 24/7, toll-free customer care hotline.

Omega's goal is to acquire several more web hosting companies over the next 12-24 months.

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